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Faith B. Terrell, Instructor 


MSN/Health Care Ed., RN

HERIZON CONCEPTS, Inc. is approved by OHCQ to teach the required 80 hour Assisted Living Manager Training Course, the classes for 4 beds or less titled the Annual Updates, as outlined in COMAR (1) (g) (h) and (1) as well as

Philosophy: Herizon Concepts, Inc. recognizes that allied health care providers must be empowered as strong leaders and team members who embrace high standards of practice and patient advocacy. Thinking critically as well as creatively. Communication and collaboration with a diverse population of patients, families and other health care colleagues are keys to being a valuable asset.

Mission: Herizon Concepts, Inc. will provide professional practice and promote a high degree of professional conduct and accountability. To achieve our mission, we are committed to professionalism, integrity, and open communication in order to enhance a positive working relationship between existing and new Assisted Livings and the general public.

Our Staff: Herizon Concepts, Inc. uniqueness is faculty is comprised of Maryland State registered nurses, formerly federal trained Health Facility Surveyors for the State of Maryland OHCQ.  Duties included onsite regulatory inspections of Assisted Living Facilities, as well as Nursing Homes, and Adult Day Care Centers within the state of Maryland. In addition, Herizon Concepts, Inc. nursing faculty completed the Maryland Board of Nursing Case Manager Delegating Nurse training and are Case Manager/Delegating Nurses approved to teach the 20 hour Certified Medication Technician (CMT)Training Program.

Herizon Concepts will provide training to established AL Managers as well as any interested applicants who want to obtain licensure to operate their own Assisted Living within the state of Maryland. The program will include direct participation between faculty clients, training videos, scenario situations, pre and post written examinations to reinforce and evaluate learning, and printed course work.

Classes in SESSION ONE & SESSION TWO are the 80 hour ALM training as outlined by COMAR



Philosophy of Assisted Living

Aging Process & Impact

Assessment & Level of Care***

Case Manager/Delegating RN (Role & Responsibilities)*** 

Nutrition & Food Safety ***

Fire Disaster/Emergency Planning *** 

Basic First Aid Standards (Managers Perspective)***  

Resident Rights *** 

Infection Control w/standard precautions *** 

Medication Monitoring & Management *** 

Survey Process ***


Admission & Discharge Criteria

Quality Assurance (Incident Report Process)

Clinical Management courses:

Patient Health & Safety, Pressure Sores,
Substance Abuse,Staffing Patterns

Basic First Aid Standards (Managers Perspective)*** 

Management & Operations

Pharmacy consultation & coordination of services

End of Life Care

Dementia/Mental Health & Behavior Management w/Alzheimers (12 hours)

*** classes taught in Annual/Clinical Updates Annual Clinical Update classes does not include 5 hours Dementia/Alzheimers training

Note: HERIZON CONCEPTS is approved to conduct the 12 hour required Dementia & Mental Health (Alzheimers) training during 80 hour ALM course 

CPR & First Aid certification (is not a part of the 80 hour ALM training, but may be required by OHCQ to obtain ALM licensure in the state of Maryland). * Basic First Aid (Managers Perspective) has been approved by OHCQ and is taught during the 80 hour training.

Certified Medication Technician Training (is not a part of the 80 hour ALM training, but is required by Md. Board of Nursing & may be required by OHCQ to obtain ALM licensure in the state of Maryland).

After successful completion of each training session and passing the written examination, candidates will receive a certificate of completion and a course transcript from HERIZON CONCEPTS.

Contact Herizon Concepts

P.O. Box 1641 Owings Mills, Md 21117

(443) 839-4899 Phone Number


 Faith B. Terrell, RN MSN

 MSN/Health Care Ed., RN

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